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Soviet Alumni Association, Bangladesh (SAAB)

Starting from the early Seventies, Many Bangladeshi Students Went to the then Soviet Union in the Pursuit of higher education. Since then, a large number of Students after obtaining degrees in various specialties, have retuned home. To organize the Vipusnikov, to solve common problems, our Alumni Association was founded on 7th August, 1982.

Our association was aimed to reunite our Vipusnikov, Who were already working in various government, semi government, autonomous and non government organizations with success as well as to solve some problem, common for most of our Vipusnikov, to maintain a close and working relationship with other organizations such as: Russian Ministry of Education, Russian Embassy in Bangladesh, INCORVUZ and Bangladesh government organizations.

A long time has gone since then. Our organization (SAAB) has become a large association uniting almost all of our Vipusnikov, we become closer to each other through our association.

We conduct many cultural programs to meet each other as often as we can, because each Vipusnik is the dearest one for other one. Our annual picnic which takes place on 25 December has became, may be, the most desirable event for our Vipusnikov. In this year, we already have begun to prepare for our annual picnic which will be held on 25th December as always.

Dear Vipusnik, please contact us. Wherever you may be, whatever you may do, you are the dearest one for us. With you, we always will be very happy, will remember those golden memories that we happen to have from the days of our life in the Soviet Union. We are always looking for you. Please give us your whereabouts, tell other Vipusnikov about us.






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